Winner’s Interview: Team Kontext

Customized, noise-free crypto news

The members of Team Kontext, joint 2nd prize winner at Web 3.0 Hackathon, have been researching about the next big crypto use case for years.

“We believe Web 3.0 is going to create huge value in the years, by enabling users to utilize their personal data to improve their web experience,” team member Chris Konkon said. “We have been contemplating questions such as: what projects will be adopted by the mainstream, beyond DeFi and NFTs? What will it take for the average user to crypto protocols in a way similar to web 2.0 protocols like http?”.

Only relevant crypto news please

The team zeroed in on a problem that has been bothering them for a while – getting an overview of developments in the crypto space without the distractions or time wastages from irrelevant ads or other content. Kontext is a news aggregator that addresses this by filtering and sorting all crypto News, using a personalization algorithm that is open to anyone to plug into and customize.

Kontext does this by first breaking down the data silos of individual web 2.0 platforms, allowing users to save their full personal online identities into self-sovereign storages. It then allows them to share their data on a common data layer, with developers. These developers then plug into the data to train personalization algorithms, to improve users’ browsing experience

According to Chris the framework developed and used by Kontext can be used for other Web3 protocols as well.

He said: “This creates an open ecosystem, in which users benefit from an improved experience, and developers get rewarded for their contribution – creating a self-reinforcing loop. This way, the Kontext ecosystem will unlock a fully personalized internet.”

Chris says that ads will be more personalized compared to web 2.0 advertisements.

The prototype for Kontext was built in two months, after they heard about Web 3.0 Hackathon challenge.

Road ahead

Encouraged by the validation for their project, team Kontext now extend the personalization features, as well as promote adoption. Chris elaborates: “We are building a feature that will allow users to log in with their Twitter account, to personalize their own lists. This way, they can build lists for topics like #DeFi #NFT or $BTC and $ETH.”

To foster adoption, Team Kontext is also creating an airdrop for customized reputation NFTs. They intend to reward users with these NFTs, representing their influence in the crypto Twitter sphere. Eventually there could also be a token that aligns the ecosystem around a common strategy.

Thanks to Web 3.0 SEA Alliance

The team is grateful to the organizers of Web 3.0 Hackathon for providing a platform for their idea. Chris said: “Web 3.0 Hackathon allowed us to showcase our first prototype and gave us confidence in continuing to build our product.”

“The team supported us very closely and continued to be helpful whenever we had questions. We also like that the organization was fully transparent, using Github and Discord. This matches with our vision of the future internet we want to create.”

He added: “Our vision is a free internet that automatically personalizes any user’s browsing experience, while protecting their privacy. From recommendations in e-commerce (Amazon, Jindong), entertainment (Netflix, Douban), to search (Google) and personalized advertisement, Web 3.0 will improve accuracy of personalization all over the web.”

Core members of Team Kontext

  • Feifei Konkon
  • Lana Konkon
  • Mochi

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