Winner’s Interview: Team ICES

Creating a feature-rich event log for the Internet Computer

The DFINITY Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that develops the Internet Computer, a public blockchain network hosting smart contracts.


However, one drawback of DFINITY’s Internet Computer is that it is currently not designed with a native built-in event logs system. To circumvent this, developers often have had to implement their own event logs canister. But this would have its own shortcomings:

there would be no interface to browse event logs; they will not be uniform, nor will they be trusted by users.

Holistic solution

ICES (Internet Computer Event System) is a solution developed by ICFans Labs. It addresses all these pain points head-on. With ICES, developers no longer need to develop their own event log canister. Developers can easily view event logs through ICES’ explorer function.


Product manager and full stack developer of ICES, Lee.C, further elaborates: “While canister developers can store their event logs in

their own defined canisters, if the standards defined by each person are not uniform, it will limit the DFINITY Lego ecosystem formation.”


He adds: “ICES is a complete solution for event logs. It is completely open source, free to use, simple to integrate, and provides a permanent data storage, plus a developer-friendly API and explorer function.”


An additional value-add of the system is that it provides data metrics for analysis.


Besides picking up the second prize of US$15,000 at Web 3.0 Hackathon, ICES also won the Community Award and the DFINITY Ecological Bounty. The Community Award of US$3,000 and US$300 in Alibaba Cloud Credits Coupons is given to the most popular project, based on comments, retweets, and likes. ICES received 377 comments, 374 retweets and 375 likes in total.


The core development members of the project come from a wide range of fields – public chain, fintech, big data, information communication and other related industries. All the team members each have more than eight years of development experience. They have rich experience in the crypto field and have participated in DeFi, blockchain browser, cross-chain bridge, and their underlying infrastructures.

Next Steps

The team plans to add more advanced features to ICES to make the data on it more transparent.


“We will continue to polish ICES, making it more usable, Lee said. “Our goal is to make ICES an essential infrastructure for the IC ecosystem. To achieve this vision, the active participation of the whole community is very important. The future of ICES will be decided by the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).


Core Team Members

  • Lee C, Product – Manager & Full Stack Developer
  • Youkers – Backend & Smart Contract Developer
  • Key – Frontend Developer

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