Judging Criteria

Below are the judging criteria for the hackathon:


  • How complete is the project, in terms of the front-end, backend, smart contract and design?
  • Is the proposed solution functional?
  • Is the solution deployed on blockchain (either mainnet or testnent)?


We value innovativeness and creativity – you will get additional points if your product is different from others already in the market, presents a new solution to an existing problem, or a new idea in iterating web2 to web3.


The technical difficulties and complexity of the project, as well as the solution.


Product flexibility and scale of adoption in web3.

Open Source

We advocate the spirit of open source, so the github PR of your work is an important judging element.

Hacking Spirit

Although this is an online hackathon, we still advocate the hacking spirit – projects created during the hackathon period will be awarded an added point.

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