May Liu

Founding Partner

Spark Digital Capital

Before joining crypto, May Liu worked at Barclays, Santander Bank, American Express and studied at Columbia University.

Ilya Abugov

Co-Founder and Partner

Sanctor Capital

Ilya was formerly Head of Research at Crypto Briefing and Lead Analyst at DappRadar. He also has a background in traditional management consulting, IT consulting, and equities, including experience with Man Group and Fidelity Investments.


Founding Partner of FBG Capital

Founder of Nebulas.io

A former director at Ant Financial’s blockchain platform (Alibaba’s financial arm), Hitters is a pioneer in the global blockchain community, have built the first blockchain community BitsClub in China, back in 2013.

Kevin Shao


Bitrise Capital

Having graduated from Zhejiang University with a bachelor degree and MBA, Kevin is currently studying at NUS EMBA. Over the years, he has worked in the banking industry and served as an executive of many listed companies. He has also been deeply involved in the Crypto field for many years, and has rich experience in financial investments. He is an angel investor of Cointelegraph Chinese and Executive Chairman of ABGA, the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance.

Lucas Liu, PMP MBA

Senior Research Manager

Huobi Incubator

Lucas is a Senior Research Manager at Huobi Incubator, former Head of BD @ DODO, and VP at FutureMoney.

James Liu, PMP MBA

Business Development Advisor

Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

James Liu currently focuses on Go Global/Go China/MNC KA/Web3 and Partner Ecosystems at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Lim Hui Jie

Entrepreneur & Investor

Hui Jie focuses on building humanity-plus companies that use technology for the betterment of the human race. He is the Founder and Executive Director of VisionGroup, an innovation-as-a-service technology group that implements blockchain, AI and cybersecurity to future proof enterprises and bring their visions to reality.

Vince Chew

Chief Operations Officer


Vince is the COO of Cycloan Pte Ltd, where he is responsible for developing and delivering digital lending business, high quality client service, and driving profitable growth through a win-win ecosystem. He is an experienced Fintech veteran with over 25 years of tech experience in IT operations, enterprise application development and technology leadership. For more than a decade, Vince has played an active leadership role in Fintech businesses.

Grace Zhang

Co-founder of ICPort, one-stop-shop incubation acceleration platform on Dfinity

Grace is in charge of ICPort’s investing and incubation functions in North America region. She has many years of experience in the IT industry as well as deep understanding of the asset management industry.

James Wen

Dmail CTO

Senior Full-stack Engineer

5 years of blockchain experience, DApp development team leader, has developed products in many famous public chains. He has worked for Kyndoo Inc. in the U.S. and is responsible for the development of AI trading platform, DARPA NFT trading system, etc. He is proficient in JAVA, Python, Go, RUST and other development languages and other related technical frameworks, and is proficient in machine learning platform, big data platform processing technology and related frameworks. He has been awarded several US patents, and is a professional member of the International Computer Society of America and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of America.


IC Naming Technical Advisor

Senior Full-stack Engineer

8 years of blockchain industry entrepreneurial experience & technical experience, IC Ambassador, IC Fungible Token Standard Promoter, open source code contributor, serial entrepreneur, co-founder of a third-party payment company, founder of a centralized exchange.

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