Community Support

Web3.0 Hackathon has received industry support from the following organizations:

The leading bilingual tech community, covering startups, cooperates, entrepreneurial community and angel/VC/PE.


It also serves as a community where startup companies go to work on their projects. Team can set up office for the day and have access to a library of reference books, job boards, and the venture capitalists that also frequent the space. With around ten early-stage startups working in the office at any given time, IC Cafe Singapore has become a go-to place for entrepreneurs to meet, exchange ideas, and in a dozen instances which serves similar role as an incubator for Singapore startups.

The SUSS Node for Inclusive Fintech (NiFT) is the “Centre of Excellence” to spearhead all fintech initiatives at the university. A multi-disciplinary centre drawing on expertise from faculty members across SUSS’ five schools, and their collective publications and programmes. The Node for Inclusive Fintech serves to deliver high-quality research, public education, and policy advocacy for inclusivity in the Financial Technology sector for the benefit of society.

Rebase community is committed to helping geeks make better use of technological innovation and promote social change. For more information visit their website.

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